Ulang Tahun


Bunga Ulang Tahun

  • A Bouquet of Carnations, pom-poms and bear
    RP 485,000
    Beli Sekarang
  • 16 cm x 16 cm. A french classic crunchy puff pastry layered with vanilla creme patisserie, topped with a rich creamy cheese topping.
    From RP 493,000
    Beli Sekarang
  • Round 16 cm. A vanilla cream and tanginess of fresh strawberies inside this masterpiece layers of sponge cake.
    From RP 525,000
    Beli Sekarang
  • 3 Sunflowers, Yelow pom-poms, and Yellow and White Daisies in a bouquet
    RP 545,000
    Beli Sekarang
  • Round 16 cm. Milk sponge cake with extra fruit toppings on top that consist of strawberry, grape, blueberry. In a double layer cake with extra white cream toppings.
    From RP 555,000
    Beli Sekarang
  • Round 16 cm. A rich, luscious, chocolate cake covered with whipped cream, cherry filling and contains juice of cherries.
    RP 558,000
    Beli Sekarang
  • Round 16 cm. An extra hidden cinnamon, super rich and moist spice cake topped with a tangy and sweet cream cheese frosting.
    From RP 560,000
    Beli Sekarang
  • Bouquet of 12 Orange Roses With Fillers
    RP 549,000
    RP 610,000
    Beli Sekarang
  • Softies Standard Box (25pcs/box)/(Flavors Available: SoftCheese, SoftChocolate, SoftTaro, SoftMoccha, SoftKetanHitam, SoftPandan)
    RP 618,000
    Beli Sekarang
  • Round 16 cm. An authentic New York-style based cheese cake with a rich and dense cream cheese with a buttery cracker crust.
    RP 634,000
    Beli Sekarang
  • 12 Red & White Roses Bouquet with Teddy Bear
    RP 640,000
    Beli Sekarang
  • Round 20 cm. Honey dough with cream cheese.
    From RP 618,000
    Beli Sekarang
  • Round 16 cm. Mixture of sweet and savory taste of chocolate and rich cream cheese topped with crunchy walnuts.
    RP 650,000
    Beli Sekarang
  • Cone Yellow Pompoms with Baby's breath
    RP 578,000
    RP 680,000
    Beli Sekarang
  • Chocolate sponge layered with Nutella buttercream and crispy layer in the middle. On top it?s adorned with our very own choco truffles.
    RP 707,000
    Beli Sekarang
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